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Writing Prompt: Zoom Surprise

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In the age of virtual learning and teaching from home, the line between a teacher’s classroom life and homelife might be more blurred than ever. However, we still often only see them within the four corners of a Zoom screen, and are surprised or fascinated by the signs of what happens beyond. This prompt plays on the ultimate mystery that many kids are constantly trying to answer: what do teachers do outside of school? Indeed, do they even have private lives? From there, the young writers can spin this prompt out however they like, helped along by their unique perspective of the adult world.

Before you start the story, try to think about the last time you bumped into a teacher outside of school—in the supermarket, on the streets, or anywhere else. Did it feel a little jarring and awkward? Were you surprised or confused to see them outside of the classroom? As you unravel the mystery of the growling noises, see if you can’t capture that sense of surprise and curiosity. And if you have never encountered a teacher outside of the classroom before, don’t worry! Follow your imagination on what might be behind that noise—a puppy or monsters, a friend watching TV or an alien abduction—and go from there.