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Writing Prompt: Technology Challenge

#Get Started

This is a fun prompt that explores generational conflict in a light-hearted way, as it asks the writer to imagine how the process of going off technology—an “essential resource” today—would play out. The catalyst of a challenge/bet is also an age-old device in storytelling, from movies like Pixar’s Monsters University to books like Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. Finally, the time span of a week allows young writers to try their hands at gradual chronological plot and character development.   

Before you start, you should think about what counts as technology: it just the entertaining gadgets like phones, video game consoles, and television, or does it include things like air conditioning and the hair-dryer. Maybe you could start by asking what technologies your parents had when they were your age, and limit yourself to using only those things. As you write your story, you could also think about if you want to focus on the more comedic aspects of this technology-free week, or to look at it through a more reflective lens, commenting on our relationship with technology in the modern era. Even more challenging—but maybe not as challenging as this week that you are writing about—you could try for a little bit of both comedy and seriousness!