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Writing Prompt: Monkey Parade!

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If the abrupt, curveball style of this prompt threw you for a loop… Great! Take that spirit of anarchy with you and use it to make the events in question/your reactions to them as crazy as possible. Where are you walking to, and where are these monkeys going? What is the coolest reason you can think of for them to be having a whole parade? 

Specifically, you should be looking to focus on providing your readers with a vivid image of how the monkeys are acting and what they look like, as well as what is going through your own head at the same moment. You may like their dancing, but feel bad when one of them trips and falls down. Or, you may wish that they would hurry up and finish their parade, so you can get on to your destination. Remember that the readers are looking at the monkeys through your eyes, so how you feel about the parade can affect how they feel as well. Be careful with this power!