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Writing Prompt: Last Minute Career

#Get Started

How many times have you been caught in a situation where you have to come up with something on the spot? Improvisation—an exciting companion of imagination—is the key here; the writer should be looking to situate themselves in the exact moment that this scenario is playing out and work accordingly from there. Even though you may have some time to plan out and write this story, try to think about how you may feel as a character, and having to think of something in front of the whole class! 

You could try to spin out an appropriately convincing report so that you don’t get a low mark, or you could go with where your imagination takes you and hope that the teacher will be too impressed by your story see through the exaggerations. You could even make a distinction between your inner dialogue and what you say to the class, as you rack your brain over what your parents might do in the office. No matter if you succeed or fail, it should be a gripping story.