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Writing Prompt: Forbidden Corridor

#Get Started

This prompt plays on our natural instinct to explore that which is unknown to us. In fact, from the third-floor corridor in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to the vegetable garden in The Tale of Peter Rabbit, from the teachers lounge at school during lunch to the office at home during virtual work hours, forbidden and mysterious places abound when you are young, and sometimes even when you are old. Oftentimes these rules are there to keep us safe, but being the writer means that you finally get to decide what lies beyond the entrance. 

This prompt is open-ended enough that it allows you to bounce around different types of scenarios—ranging from the conventional to the fantastical—but it is familiar enough that it also deals with the adventurous spirit inside all of us. Before you start writing, think about what exactly drew you to investigate the corridor in the first place. Did you hear laughter or screams, or maybe both? What might have caused that sound?

If you are really excited, you can even start by drawing out this mysterious, off-limits corridor and all the interesting things within. And then, as you write, you can consult your drawing and follow along with exactly where your character is going and what they may encounter.