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Writing Prompt: Doctor’s Discovery

#Get Started

A doctor’s appointment is something that everyone has to do, no matter if they are young or old, big or small. Sometimes they can be scary, but visiting the doctor and taking care of yourself is a necessary, ordinary part of life. This prompt gives you the opportunity to imagine what would happen if this typical event were to suddenly turn extraordinary in the coolest way. 

There are quite a few different directions you can take this prompt, given its open-ended nature. One would be to focus on a unique adventure where you are putting this new power to use. Where would you go first—the Causeway Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, or the moon—and how would you get there? What would you do, or what kind of unexpected obstacles might you face once arrive?

Another route would be to look inward in a more introspective direction, and focus on your personal reaction to this new skill of yours. How might this change your daily life, who you are, and what you can do in school or with your family? Who is the new “you” with this awesome power?