Get Started

Writing Prompt: Camp Switcheroo

#Get Started

This prompt speaks to a very realistic scenario that we have all probably faced at one point or another: being forced to spend time with someone that we dislike. It asks young writers to ponder how they might deal with this type of scenario in real life, with issues such as navigating difficult social mores and resolving an unpleasant situation. More importantly, by facing such a practical dilemma within the realm of fictional storytelling—within a story that you control—you can learn how to work out these real-world headaches without any the real-world pressure.

In fact, although the story might start with your creative and mischievous attempts to get out of the situation (try to think of at least three!), it also asks you to think about what you to do if you cannot avoid it. After all, that is often what happens in real life. This story is a chance for you to approach the people you might not like with understanding and compassion, try to see things from their point of view, and imagine some fun ways to warm up an icy relationship. Who knows, maybe an enemy is just a friend that we haven’t made yet.