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Storyland is our introductory creative writing workshop, supporting our youngest students to build up the foundation of storytelling skills and habits they need to be strong writers. Students read and engage with a variety of carefully selected stories over the course of the term. Through reading, writing, and arts and crafts, students explore stories, expand their imaginations, develop listening and reading skills, and gain self-confidence in making up their own stories! At the ECP centre, students are separated into two levels -- Storyland Foundation and Storyland Advanced -- to better cater for the different stages of the emergent writer. Please contact us for an assessment of which level would be more suitable for your child.
Learning objectives
All Storyland workshops:
  • Read and discuss quality picture books
  • Develop a love for language and storytelling
  • Learn the art of storytelling through model texts and in-class modelling by the teacher
  • Understand basic story structure and the key elements of stories
  • Play with storytelling conventions and techniques
  • Develop vocabulary and become familiar with literary language
  • Gain experience retelling and creating stories based on a model text
  • Express ideas with confidence
Storyland Foundation
  • Gain experience retelling and creating stories through different activities
  • Practise thinking creatively and stretching the imagination
  • Begin to write stories (or parts of stories) on paper in very simple form
  • Develop greater independence with writing words, phrases and simple sentences
Storyland Advanced
  • Gain experience and confidence creating their own stories based on a model text
  • Develop greater independence in writing
  • Write longer and more complex sentences
  • Elaborate ideas with guidance from the teacher
  • Begin to use vocabulary and literary language in their own stories

max size
For children aged
4 to 6
For course recommendations or any questions about our workshops, please contact us.
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