Slices of Life
From Curious George to Angelina Ballerina, children love reading book after book about the many adventures of a favourite character. In this creative writing and publishing workshop, students work together to develop a character for their own series. Students look specifically at story structure and character development as they capture different slices of their character’s life.
Learning objectives

Specific to this workshop:

  • Read and discuss simple picture book series stories centred around one character
  • Primary focus on character development and consistency
  • Collaboratively create a character with a driving personality trait
  • Integrate details of the collaboratively created character and his/her family, home and friends into own story
  • Learn and apply different planning and writing techniques, including sensory description, showing rather than telling, dialogue, and use of catch phrases and idiosyncratic actions
  • Students at the ECP centre will also spend the end of the term doing a Technical Skills Booster customised by each teacher to the class's needs based on the writing done throughout the term.

As writers:

  • Write with confidence and independence
  • Become aware of the disconnect between what the writer knows/imagines and what the reader knows if it’s not written down
  • Express ideas with detail
  • Slow down to elaborate each part of a story fully
  • Follow a simple story structure
  • Sequence ideas logically and step-by-step
  • Use vocabulary that they know in their writing
  • Improve writing skills through individualised feedback from the teacher
  • Correct identified technical errors in their work to prepare writing to be published

As learners:

  • Develop creativity and collaboration through a workshop environment
  • Develop grit and perseverance by working on a challenging and long-term writing project
  • Develop time and project management skills to see a project through to completion
  • Learn to look at own work critically and consider how to improve it
  • Learn to be open to and respond to constructive feedback
  • Gain confidence as a writer by writing and publishing a story in a book for a real audience
Creative Writing & Publishing

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For children aged
6 to 8
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