Operation Arctic Adaptation
We all know that global warming is well under way. But while humans might not be doing much to get ready, the animals have got a plan! They know that if they’re to survive, they need to adapt, so they’re conducting a training program for all interested arctic (and Antarctic) animals. Based on these animals’ real habitats and diets, students will create stories about how they learn to survive in not-so-icy conditions! The online section of this workshop will run for 8 group sessions, followed by a one-on-one for each student as they prepare their stories to be published.
Learning objectives
As a writer:
  • Be introduced to ECP process of writing, revising and publishing a story
  • Stretch creative thinking and take creative risks
  • Express ideas with detail and specificity
  • Slow down to elaborate each part of a story fully
  • Improve writing skills through individualised feedback from the teacher
  • Revise writing for continuity, consistency and focus
  • Practise proofreading skills and correct identified technical errors in their work to prepare writing to be published
As a learner:
  • Develop creativity and collaboration through a workshop environment
  • Learn to look at own work critically and consider how to improve it
  • Learn to be open to and respond to constructive feedback
  • Gain confidence as a writer by writing and publishing a story in a booklet for a real audience
Creative Writing & Publishing

max size
For children aged
8 to 10
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