Literary Analysis (13+)
In advanced literature classes, students are expected to read and annotate texts—noticing patterns, identifying literary devices and features, considering themes, the impact on the audience. Our literary analysis and essay writing workshop will help students develop and refine these skills and learn how to present their analysis with evidence-based insights, well-explained quotations and precise language. As students move up through the programme, they will be required to read increasingly complex texts, delve into more sophisticated analysis and do so more independently.
Learning objectives
  • Develop close reading and annotation skills
  • Identify literary techniques used by authors
  • Consider the purpose of authors’ use of techniques and effect on the audience
  • Apply clear essay structure and appropriate formality and tone
  • Select strong quotations from the text to support an argument
  • Provide context for quotations and explain them thoroughly
  • Revise writing for precision and clarity

max size
For children aged
13 Up
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