Legends of Fantasylands (Ages 10-13)
Have you ever wanted to create your own world? A world where you made the rules and anything was possible? In this summer creative writing workshop for ages 10-13, students will draw an extensive map of a fantasy world—its deserts and rivers, its cities and coasts, its evil swamps and enchanted forests. Then, they will write the legends of these fantasy lands. Like the scribes of old, they will warn travellers of the trolls under the cliffs or tell them of the treasure hidden beneath the ancient temples.
Learning objectives
Specific to this workshop:
  • Primary focus on plot and character development
  • Explore the backstory of an object and the characteristics of a legend
  • Learn and apply different planning and writing techniques, including revealing characters' personalities through actions, reactions and dialogue and showing the cause and effect of characters' actions and attitudes.
As a writer:
  • Be introduced to ECP process of writing, revising and publishing a story
  • Stretch creative thinking and take creative risks
  • Use a variety of techniques to portray characters
  • Develop more complex plots with consistency and logic
  • Experiment with new techniques, devices and structure
  • Improve writing skills through individualised feedback from the teacher
  • Edit their writing to keep the reader engaged
  • Refine proofreading and editing skills to prepare writing to be published
As a learner:
  • Develop creativity and collaboration through a workshop environment
  • Learn to look at own work critically and consider how to improve it
  • Learn to be open to and respond to constructive feedback
  • Gain confidence as a writer by writing and publishing a story in a booklet for a real audience
Creative Writing & Publishing

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For children aged
10 to 1213 Up
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