Issues in Fiction (Ages 12+)
Oct 9-Dec 11, Fridays
While fictional texts are often written to engage and entertain readers, many also raise important questions and issues facing our society today. Reading fiction then offers an opportunity to begin discussions with students about important issues and relate the stories to what they know or can learn about in the real world. In this workshop, students will read and discuss excerpts from works of fiction as a springboard to explore various contemporary issues. As they discuss and analyse, they will learn how to write about these issues, explaining what they know, asking questions they'd like answered, and sharing experiences and opinions of their own. During the summer, different texts will be studied each week, so students can sign up for multiple weeks without repeating material.
Learning objectives
  • Primary focus on reading and discussing literature to explore real world issues
  • Draw connections to personal experience and read different types of texts to better understand the issue
  • Develop close reading and annotation skills
  • Learn and apply clear essay structure, including strong thesis statements and well-organised supporting paragraphs
  • Use quotations effectively and explain them thoroughly
  • Understand appropriate formality for essays and personal responses
  • Revise writing for precision, clarity and coherence
  • Proofread and edit for accuracy

max size
For children aged
10 to 1213 Up
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