Independent Creative Writing Workshop
Writers worldwide meet and provide feedback to each other about how to improve their individual projects. In this independent creative writing workshop, students should come with an idea or partially-written story that they want to revise and further develop with support from their teacher and classmates. Since much of class time will be devoted to workshopping each other's drafts and providing feedback, students will also be expected to work on their stories outside of class.
Learning objectives
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of writers in a peer critique group
  • Set goals and milestones to manage a long-term writing project effectively and move towards completion of the project
  • Be introduced to techniques of writing craft and consider how to apply them to their own writing
  • Learn to give specific and constructive feedback to other writers about their work
  • Be receptive and responsive to feedback
  • Use feedback to independently revise and improve their own writing

max size
For children aged
13 Up
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