Fiction Analysis Plus: I Was a Rat!
Jan 29-31
ECP Centre in Central
Learning to read fiction texts carefully is an important skill as students read more complex texts across all subjects. In this introduction to textual analysis, students learn to identify a writer’s purpose and analyse the techniques and strategies that a writer employs to achieve that purpose. In this "Fiction Analysis Plus" workshop, students will read an excerpt from Philip Pullman's I Was a Rat!, write an essay about the author's use of techniques for characterisation, trying their hand at applying the author's techniques in their own creative piece, revise their pieces, and reflect on the experience.
Learning objectives
  • Develop close reading and annotation skills
  • Identify literary techniques used by authors
  • Consider the purpose of authors’ use of techniques
  • Learn and apply clear paragraph and essay structure
  • Select strong quotations from the text to support an argument
  • Provide context for quotations and explain them thoroughly
  • Revise writing for precision and clarity
  • Understand appropriate formality for essays
  • Apply authors’ techniques to own creative writing
  • Write reflection about use of techniques in own writing

max size
For children aged
10 to 12
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