Eggs: Novel Study & Analysis
Apr 6-9, 14-17
Curling up with a good book can be pure enjoyment in itself, but fully understanding and interpreting a story means more than just racing to the finish. In this intensive 8-day online Easter workshop, students will develop close reading skills while reading excerpts from Jerry Spinelli's Eggs. They will learn how to discuss literature -- beyond writing plot summaries -- with particular focus on analysing characters, relating to themes, and identifying writing techniques used by the authors as they do both creative and expository writing about the novel
Learning objectives
  • Primary focus on learning to talk and write about literature by reading, discussing and analysing a novel
  • Develop close reading skills, including making inferences and finding supporting evidence from the text
  • Do introductory analysis of characters and themes and learn how to write structured responses to literature
  • Demonstrate understanding of analysis through creative writing
  • Explore vocabulary in context and learn strategies to support vocabulary development

max size
For children aged
10 to 12
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