Banda Pear
Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Runny Babbit and his topsy-turvy adventures, ECP presents Banda Pear, our own panda bear character of mixed-up sounds. In this creative writing and publishing workshop, students will write poems about what Banda Pear does, and then have fun playing with sounds and flip-flopping the sounds around!
Learning objectives
Specific to this workshop:
  • Collaboratively create and develop a character to feature in a collection of poems
  • Learn about the poetic device of spoonerisms
  • Review and apply phonics knowledge
  • Explore rhythm, rhyme and repetition
As a writer:
  • Be introduced to ECP process of writing and revising
  • Stretch creative thinking and take creative risks
  • Experiment with new techniques, devices, structure and text types
  • Improve writing skills through individualised feedback from the teacher
  • Practise proofreading and editing skills
As a learner:
  • Develop creativity and collaboration through a workshop environment
  • Learn to look at own work critically and consider how to improve it
  • Learn to be open to and respond to constructive feedback
Creative Writing & Publishing

max size
For children aged
6 to 8
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