Regular Term Weekly Writing Workshops

During the school term, we offer classes on a weekly basis, in-person at our centre and international school partners, and online. Workshop topics change from term to term so that students can explore different genres and develop and apply new skills and techniques.

  • Term-long writing workshops run for 12-14 sessions in Fall (Sept-Dec) and 14-20 weeks in Spring (Jan-June)
  • Short writing workshops run for 6-8 sessions with different start times over the course of the year

Spring 2023 Creative Writing Workshops

Spring 2023 weekly writing workshops will begin in January and run for 13-15 sessions until April/May. Enrolment will open on 10 Dec. Contact us by WhatsApp to enroll!

Publishing Fee

Since the founding of ECP in 2008, we have been committed to publishing books written by young writers — to provide a very purposeful and concrete goal for our students, and because we fervently believe their ideas and stories are worth sharing! 

At the same time, much work happens behind-the-scenes to bring these books to life and to produce the quality of books that our students and parents know and love. From 2023, there will be a publishing fee of $400 for all term-long publishing workshops and $200 for all short publishing workshops.

Online workshops:

Our online writing workshops will be conducted in LIVE sessions so our teachers can provide support and guidance to every student, and students can collaborate and discuss ideas with peers. Depending on the age group, students complete the writing by handwriting on printed worksheets or typing on Google Docs where teachers can monitor and give immediate feedback. The maximum class size for online classes is 6 students.

The online creative writing and publishing workshops for age 6-14 will have one-on-one sessions for each student over the term so that teachers can provide additional support on the revision process. One-on-one sessions will be in designated weeks, and teachers will send parents a calendar to book a time slot that suits their schedule. All students enrolled in online workshops are required to attend 3 one-on-one sessions per term.

Day of the WeekTimeFormatAge GroupWorkshopPrice per SessionPublishing fee
Monday4:00-5:15Online10-12Independent Mini-Project Bridging Workshop$525n/a
4:15-5:15*Online8-10Trading Places$400$400
Tuesday4:15-5:45Face-to-face8-10Trading Places$600$400
4:15-5:15*Face-to-face5-6Writing Adventures$400n/a
4:00-5:00Online8-10Trading Places$400$400
5:15-6:30Online10-13Last of the Great$525$400
Wednesday4:00-5:00OnlineYear 2-3Slices of Life at KJSContact us$400
4:00-5:00OnlineYear 4-5Trading Places at KJSContact us$400
5:00-6:30Face-to-face8-10Trading Places$600$400
Thursday3:30-4:30*Face-to-face4-5Writing Adventures$400n/a
4:30-6:00*Face-to-face6-8Slices of Life$600$400
Friday2:45-3:45Face-to-face4-5Writing Adventures$400n/a
3:45-4:45Face-to-face5-6Writing Adventures$400n/a
4:45-6:15Face-to-face6-8Slices of Life$600$400
4:30-5:30Online6-8Slices of Life$400$400
4:30-5:30Online8-10Trading Places$400$400
Saturday9:00-10:30Face-to-face6-8Slices of Life$600$400
9:00-10:30Face-to-face8-10Trading Places$600$400
9:30-10:30Face-to-face5-6Writing Adventures$400n/a
10:30-11:30Face-to-face6-7Storyland Advanced$400n/a
10:30-12:00Face-to-face6-8Slices of Life$600$400
10:30-12:00Face-to-face10-13Last of the Great$630$400
11:30-12:30*Face-to-face4-5Writing Adventures$400n/a
2:00-3:30*Face-to-face8-10Trading Places$600$400
2:00-3:30Face-to-face10-12Independent Mini-Project Bridging Workshop$630n/a
2:00-3:30Face-to-face6-8Slices of Life$600$400
3:30-4:30Face-to-face5-6Storyland Advanced$400n/a
3:30-4:30*Face-to-face5-6Writing Adventures$630n/a

*These workshop sections will start after Chinese New Year, from 30 Jan 2023

Prefer to arrange your own private or small group session at a different time? Interested in self-publishing or looking for one-on-one coaching with our writer-teachers to work on your own writing project? Please contact us!

Special offers:

  • Priority Registration: Priority registration for Fall 2022 students until 10 Dec when enrolments open to the public.
  • Early Bird: Enrol by 12 Dec for 5% off.
  • Refer-A-Friend: Refer a new family to ECP and receive $250 off.


  1. Workshop payments can be settled by online credit card payment, bank transfer, PayMe, cheque or cash.
  2. We reserve the right to change instructors and/or cancel workshops that do not meet the minimum enrolment before the course start date. Fees paid for cancelled classes will be refunded or can be applied to other workshops.
  3. There are NO makeup classes for classes held at school partners or for classes cancelled for typhoon/rain signal closures. Please see full terms and conditions of enrolment here.

Holiday Writing Camps

Our next round of holiday writing camps will be held over Chinese New Year from Jan 26-28, 2023. Enrolments are now OPEN!

WeekTimeAge GroupWorkshopTotal Fee (Including Publishing)
Jan 26-289:15-11:15Ages 6-8Shhh...Rabbits Only$2,595
9:15-11:15Ages 8-10Letter to the Emperor$2,595
11:15-12:15Ages 5-6Chinese New Year Storyland$1,200
11:15-1:15Ages 10-13Adventures of a Lai See Packet$2,700
2:30-4:30Ages 6-8Shhh...Rabbits Only$2,595
2:30-4:30Ages 8-10Letter to the Emperor$2,595
3:30-4:30Ages 5-6Chinese New Year Storyland$1,200

*Note: All publishing workshops have a $200 publishing fee per workshop per student.

Have a request?

Want to form your own small group to suit your schedule, arrange private classes with our teachers, or work on an independent writing projects during your school holiday break? Contact us to explore options!