Strange Stories from Seaweed Academy

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  • Author Age
    8 to 10 Years Old
  • ISBN
  • Date Published
    June 2011
  • Charity Beneficiary
    Room to Read
Seaweed Academy- ordinary? You’ve gotta be kidding! You should pay a visit sometime… by boat, that is. After all, it’s floating in the middle of the sea.   When you get there, hop on the roller coaster for a tour of the school. You’ll meet Pynapo, who munches on pencils; Fletcher, who munches on a dictionary; and Vonica, who can’t munch at all without making a mess. But watch out for Qoe and his jumping; Annabeth, with her snacks in her desk; and Krabby who moves suuuuuper slooooow. And if you see Principal Simbowl coming, do anything but smile. You

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