Robot School by Annabel Yue

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Sometimes, you have to crush a dream to save the world.

Prince Thompson Wilkins lives on another planet, The Vertex, several lightyears away. He wants power, but when his planet blows up, there is nobody left to rule. Not unless he finds another place. Another place to call home.

Eleven-year-old Oliver Herold absolutely hates his life. His rich dad ruins everything for him. He meets James Hawks, the popular kid, who considers life perfect. But then everything changes, and he and his friends are in serious danger. 

Will Oliver and James fend off the ex-prince of the Vertex and save the Earth, or will it be gone from the humans’ grasp forever?

100% proceeds from sales of this book will benefit Feeding Hong Kong and its work to to fight hunger in the city and reduce the amount of quality food being sent to our landfills. Every book sold will enable Feeding Hong Kong and its local charity partners to serve 20 meals to people in need.

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