Mythical Hybrids: A Beginner’s Guide for Humans

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  • Author Age
    8 to 10 Years Old
  • ISBN
  • Date Published
    December 2014
  • Charity Beneficiary
    Make-A-Wish Hong Kong
Many humans have heard of mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns and phoenixes, but far less well-known is the mysterious world of mythical hybrids. From the drameleon and the chorgon to the pacorn and the cerberig, there is a multitude of hybrids that are combinations of mythical creatures and more common animals like pigs, chickens, parrots and chameleons. Learn all about each of these unique creatures in this beginner’s guide for humans — their habitats, diets, life cycles and more. And if you are lucky enough to encounter a hydroose with nine heads or any of these other fantastic creatures, make

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