Burrito Blizzard

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  • Author Age
    8 to 10 Years Old
  • ISBN
  • Date Published
    June 2019
  • Charity Beneficiary
    Foodlink Foundation
Welcome to Littleton, an ordinary town where there’s a bakery, a school, a zoo, a restaurant, and a jungle all surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains. Littleton is home to Mr. T, the tea drinking lawyer; Billy and Smiles, the soccer duo; Al, the cat trainer; and Astrid, the local vet, among others. See, just ordinary people with ordinary lives. Until one day from the usual sunny skies comes a very unusual storm. First, it’s torrential tortillas, followed by raining rice, a mist of meat and… Holy Guacamole! It’s a Burrito Blizzard! From sour cream showers to sloshes of spicy salsa staining

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