Burrito Blizzard

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Welcome to Littleton, an ordinary town where there’s a bakery, a school, a zoo, a restaurant, and a jungle all surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains. Littleton is home to Mr. T, the tea drinking lawyer; Billy and Smiles, the soccer duo; Al, the cat trainer; and Astrid, the local vet, among others. See, just ordinary people with ordinary lives. Until one day from the usual sunny skies comes a very unusual storm. First, it’s torrential tortillas, followed by raining rice, a mist of meat and… Holy Guacamole! It’s a Burrito Blizzard! From sour cream showers to sloshes of spicy salsa staining the windows, find out exactly how the citizens of Littleton are affected by this strange storm in their first-hand accounts of their incr-EDIBLE experience.

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