Our Published Authors

Young people often struggle to be heard, but Elephant Community Press offers opportunities for students to share their stories—real or imagined—with friends, family and the community at large. Our published authors range in age from 6 to17 and attend both local and international schools in Hong Kong. They herald from diverse backgrounds, but share with us a passion for storytelling and the belief that everyone has something worthwhile to say.

Students who have gone through our writing and publishing workshops develop a love of writing, experience the joy of seeing their work in print, and improve both their skills and confidence as writers and communicators. ECP students have been selected as finalists in the Kids4Kids “My Story Creation” writing competition, the Young Writers Awards, the Hong Kong Budding Poets Award, and the International Junior Short Story Contest, among others. They have also been accepted to participate in the SCMP Junior Reporters summer internship and had articles and excerpts of their stories published in the SCMP Young Post and Student Standard.


“In Year 7, ECP was my first step into the publishing world and I haven’t turned back since. Nearly 10 years later, I’ve taken a few more steps with ECP as a returning student writer and volunteer, as well as some more steps outside of their walls. Having these opportunities to let my imagination run free and to see the imaginations of other students at ECP flow, though, is a testament to the power that ECP has to inspire young writers with something written, published and printed that they can call their own.”

Julie S, West Island School graduate, current University of Toronto English specialist, History minor and Book & Media Studies minor

“From creative writing about how the name ‘Kowloon’ came to be to critical literary analysis in 9th grade, every class I’ve taken with Elephant Community Press has allowed me to exceed not only my teachers’ expectations in all respects of writing, but more importantly my own. Though the classes are challenging, they allow students to think independently and have indisputably enhanced my writing, vocabulary, and literary analysis skills. The pride of first being a ‘published author’ back in 4th grade encouraged me to keep up my love for writing. In summer o2011, I was invited to record a story I had previously written for HK’s Radio 3 channel, and as a child I felt like a superstar going “on the air” to read my work! I graduated from my school with the English Language and Literature Award and a 98% average in English; this I credit to my teachers and myself, but also to the skills I built with the foundational and structural support from ECP.”

Patricia H, CDNIS graduate, current 2nd year law student at University of Durham

“Our daughter has enjoyed reading and writing very much since early childhood. She’s always dreamed of becoming an author having her own book to share with family, relatives and friends. I’ve seen an obvious improvement in her work in the last few months. My wife and I thank you so much for your fruitful advice during and after the workshop.”

Joe H., Parent

““I went to my daughter’s first parent-teacher conference at her new school and her English teacher was super impressed with her writing and analytical ability. I must thank you for the great foundation. I’m a total fan of your approach and strong believer of the benefits of creative writing. Of course students also have to learn the other writing styles but cultivating the interest and confidence in writing is so important! Annika loves to write as a result of the projects she has done at Elephant Community Press.”

Renee So, Parent

“Elephant Community Press is an amazing organization with innovative ideas for encouraging young writers. Having her work published helped build my child’s sense of self-worth and having the proceeds of the books go to charity taught her about how her work can make a difference. My daughter has built her self-confidence and deepened her love for writing. This is hands down her favorite extracurricular activity — and as a side note, it has helped her enormously in school.”

Rosa J., Parent