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Improve Your Writing: Metaphor

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Like simile, metaphor is a literary device that references another thing in order to tell you something about an object or idea. As we mentioned, simile compares two things using words such as like or as. Metaphor, however, equates two things, using the words is and are.

Take, for instance, the example we gave in the simile blogpost:

She is like a lioness: fierce and strong.

This is a simile: we compared the woman to a lioness by using the word like. We can, in fact, make this into a metaphor by equating the two:

She is a lioness: fierce and strong.

As you can see, in this case, we are saying that the woman is a lioness.

When we use metaphors, the reader is unlikely to be confused. Our reader won’t think that the woman is literally a large, furry, ferocious mammal! Instead, our reader will quickly realize that saying that the woman is a lioness is really just another way of saying that she is a strong, powerful woman.

Try using metaphors in your writing! If there is a concept or idea that you want to make clear, you can use metaphor to draw implicit parallels between the second idea and the first.

Happy writing!