What is Street Team?

Street Team is an initiative by Elephant Community Press that takes learning out of the classroom and into the world.

How do we do this?

Through community learning projects that bring together people from all over Hong Kong. We believe in building opportunities for people to learn from and support one another with the resources they have to give, be that skills and talent, time or money.

Spring 2017: Hong Kong Farm to Table

Applications are now open for our Spring 2017 community journalism project.

2017 Profiles Flyer

Target Students:  Students in Hong Kong ages 15-17 interested in learning journalism skills and participating in a community service project (maximum 12 students). Preference is for students with bilingual English/Cantonese skills, with Chinese writing skills also an asset, but English-only students will also be considered.

What: A maximum of 12 students will partner to develop interviewing and photography skills over 9 weeks of classroom workshops interwoven with two on-site visits and two on-site interviews. Each pair will interview two different subjects involved in the Farm to Table movement in Hong Kong. The transcripts and notes from these interviews will be written up in English to create profiles of different local food producers. The skill building workshops will be led by students in the Master’s of Journalism programme at Hong Kong Baptist University as an internship opportunity, supervised and supported by their professor, Robin Ewing. At the end of April or early May, the Street Team project will culminate in a final exhibition of the profiles.

Project Objectives:

  • Encourage students to engage in the community in a variety of ways including partnered work across communities, both with each other and with interviewees
  • Demonstrate the power of learning experiences that reach beyond the classroom and out into the local community.
  • Provide guidelines and tools for journalistic interviewing and profile writing
  • Draw on a multimedia approach to literacy (Workshop will include photos and possibly other multimedia elements)
  • Exhibit work in a public space to share the stories collected with the greater community

When: February – April 2017

  • 9-week course for 2 hours/week (Mondays 5:00-7:00pm) PLUS
  • 2 on-site visits and 2 on-site interviews to be scheduled with your partner

Where: Elephant Community Press, Unit #704, 6-8 Pottinger Street, Central and site visits at interviewees’ places of business

Commitment and skills required by students:

  • Ages 15-17
  • Bilingual Cantonese / English skills preferred
  • Proficiency in writing Chinese is an asset
  • Available for all of 9 sessions Monday after school (5:00-7:00pm) from 13th February to 24th April, 2 on-site visits and 2 on-site interviews
  • Interested in writing, journalism, documenting community stories, collaborating with peers outside their school
  • Able to show initiative; must be collaborative and responsible
  • Willing to represent ECP in this community project
  • Other expectations: must cover own transportation costs
  • Cost: $500 contribution to support the exhibition costs (Students/schools can apply to ECP for a program subsidy to cover this cost)

Important Dates:

  • Jan 27: Application deadline
  • Feb 13, 20, 27, Mar 6, 13, 20, 27, Apr 3, 24: 9 classes at ECP
  • End of April/early May: Exhibition opening event

**To apply to participate in this project, download the 2017 ECP Street Team Student Application Form and submit your application to ECP by the Jan 27 deadline.


Spring 2015: Beyond the Storefront

Store Profiles Flyer



Stories Among Us: History Retold

Stories Among Us Exhibition May 2013

Hong Kong Senior Profiles Project: Community journalism for students aged 15-17

ECP + Baptist University Dept of Journalism + Chung Hok Social Centre for the Elderly + HKYWCA Cheng Pon Hing Care & Attention Home for the Elderly

Elephant Community Press is pleased to announce a two-week community exhibition, “Stories Among Us: History Retold” to be held at Culture Club Gallery (15 Elgin Street) in Central from May 27 to June 9, 2013. The exhibition will feature portraits and profiles of eight Hong Kong seniors, written and photographed by 15- to 17-year-old students from local and international schools across Hong Kong.

A reception for the exhibition will be held on May 31, 2013 from 6-8pm with remarks from the participants and a chance to meet the Hong Kong seniors profiled in the exhibition.

The exhibition is the culmination of an eight-week Community Journalism project organised by Elephant Community Press. Secondary students from a variety of Hong Kong schools were invited to participate in this service learning project, facilitated by Master’s students from Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Journalism and with the guidance of their professors Robin Ewing and Dean C.K. Cox. The students learned techniques and skills of community journalism, collaborated with students from other schools, and interviewed elderly members of the Hong Kong community to capture and share their stories.

The seniors interviewed and profiled in this exhibition were drawn from two different centres supporting the elderly in Hong Kong, the Women’s Welfare Club Western District Hong Kong Chung Hok Social Centre for the Elderly on Bridges Street in Sheung Wan and the HKYWCA Cheng Pon Hing Care & Attention Home for the Elderly at Lei Tung Estate in Ap Lei Chau.

HKYWCA Cheng Pon Hing Care & Attention Home for the Elderly has offered residential care facilities for the elderly since 1997 and supports individuals aged 65 and over with allocation through the Social Welfare Department.

Chung Hok Social Centre for the Elderly provides services for senior citizens aged 60 and over in Central and Western District to help them develop their potential, establish a positive self-image, increase self-confidence and promote a spirit of community support. The centre organises a variety of activities, interest groups and events, as well as offering personal health and referral services.

To RSVP for the opening event on May 31, click here.


EnVision It: Creative Writing and Photography

ECP + Vision First + Canadian International School of Hong Kong


In Spring 2012, ECP launched Street Team with an eight-week creative writing and photography workshop in collaboration with Vision First and the Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

Over the course of the workshop, students from Canadian International School and the Hong Kong refugee community met for two hours each week, listening, learning and creating together. With cameras and pens in hand, they explored the themes of self, family, community and dreams; they shared experiences and bounced ideas off their partners; and they experimented with different ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings. Every week, laughter filled the classroom, and friendships seemed to linger in the halls for hours after.

The project culminated in the publication of EnVision It, a collection of student work sold to benefit Vision First and its programmes to support refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. ECP designed and facilitated the workshop pro bono, Vision First recruited participants, and CDNIS sponsored the printing costs for the book. Together, we invite readers of this book to share our vision of community and to get a glimpse of Hong Kong through the eyes of nine of its youth.

To order a copy of the book and support Vision First, click here.


Partner with Us!

Individuals or organisations interested in collaborating with us on a Street Team project as a participant, facilitator, sponsor or beneficiary are welcome to contact us.

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  • Thanks for sending us the report. I can see my son has built up his interest in writing. He even writes small stories on his little iPod when we travel!
  • As always, Elephant Community Press offers interesting programs for kids of different learning ages. We surely keep that in mind when we re-organize our time table.
  • This Fall, my daughter would like to sharpen her writing skills. I think ECP has inspired her to write better. Thanks for all of your effort.
  • Elephant Community Press is an amazing organization with innovative ideas for encouraging young writers. Having her work published helped build my child’s sense of self-worth and having the proceeds of the books go to charity taught her about how her work can make a difference. My daughter has built her self-confidence and deepened her love for writing. This is hands down her favorite extracurricular activity — and as a side note, it has helped her enormously in school too!- Rosa Joshi, Parent
  • My son asked if he can come back again! It is good to see that my son loves writing and I am happy to see that he has started to write more!
  • My favorite thing about the workshop was exactly the whole thing!- Rohaan, aged 8
  • I think my son has improved a lot since he started the writing class. He now finds it easier to put his ideas into writing. Thanks very much. I am sure with your help, his writing technique will improve as well.
  • I liked making the school magazine because it’s a great honour and I was very proud when I received it. Also, others could have a copy of the magazine too! I think the magazine is a good chance for us to show our writing and it’s a keepsake for us.- Karen, aged 11
  • Thank you for your email and detailed feedback. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the class and has benefited a great deal. I would like to thank you especially for the report which shared in depth both her achievements and nature.
  • Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity to my children and many other children in Hong Kong. I really appreciate your efforts.
  • Our daughter has enjoyed reading and writing very much since early childhood. She’s always dreamed of becoming an author having her own book to share with family, relatives and friends. I’ve seen an obvious improvement in her work in the last few months. My wife and I thank you so much for your fruitful advice during and after the workshop.- Parent
  • Thanks for your patience and professional coaching. My daughter loves it so much!
  • Thanks very much once again for the wonderful program you have conducted in the school. The kids have enjoyed it thoroughly and of course learnt a lot. I can clearly see that my daughter has benefited from all the guidance and encouragement you have provided. There was a lot of personal attention given to each child, which is truly mazing given that these were group sessions.- Deepika Deshpande, Parent
  • Thanks for the writing report and your effort to make a "boring" writing class interesting. Your encouraging feedback will definitely energize my daughter to go further.
  • My daughter really enjoyed the class and said that you gave her lots of useful tips! Thank you.
  • I cannot wait to read our book! Thanks for your time to teach and help me. I really learned lots from you! - Student, aged 12
  • My son used to hate English writing but he enjoys your class very much. I am so grateful for the motivation you have given him.
  • I LOVE this writing class. It’s my favourite thing to do each week!!!- Ella, aged 9
  • We always put Elephant Community Press in our top priority in every long holiday. Baron loves your writing class very much.- Mandy Lam, Parent
  • During the last couple years, Jocelyn gained a lot from your teaching and guidance and we can see improvement in her overall English presentation and writing. She will be moving to an undergraduate programme in the UK in Sept, which is a new milestone in her life. I have to express my sincere thanks to you.
    - Susan Siu, Parent
  • My daughter has enjoyed reading and writing very much since early childhood. She's always dreamed of becoming an author and having her own book to share with family, relatives and friends. She has made an obvious improvement in organising her work in the last few months. My wife and I thank you so much for your fruitful advice during and after the workshop.
  • My child has definitely flourished in her writing skills. She loves coming here and always feels that she has accomplished a lot by the end of every class. Thanks for your guidance!