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Spring 2019

We are now accepting enrolments for Spring 2019! The Spring Term starts Jan 7 at the ECP Centre and group workshops run for 19-21 sessions this term from January to mid-June. We will also be offering some short 8-week courses this Spring term. Sign up for our newsletter or check back soon to be kept up-to-date with more details!

Read the descriptions by clicking on the workshop names below. Customised private, semi-private or closed group writing classes are also available. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your child’s needs.

NEW course hosted at the ECP Centre:

  • Following up on Ms Lee’s well-received guest session on “Introducing Yourself as an Author” for our Author Leadership Programme in Fall 2018, we are pleased to collaborate with Ms Bernice Lee of ELI (The Etiquette & Leadership Institute) to offer her Etiquette & Leadership Level 1 course at ECP this term to help students further develop their presentation skills, confidence and leadership skills. Contact us for more info!

Special note for creative writing & book publishing workshops:

  • With the longer Spring term, the last 5 weeks after the stories have been revised and edited for publication will be dedicated to a Technical Skills Booster, focusing on activities and exercises to support students’ technical writing skills development, such as a review of key grammar and spelling points and strategies for vocabulary building and sentence variety. The specific points covered will be customised for each class based on the teacher’s analysis of the writing produced this term.

To enrolSign up online or contact us for recommendations on workshops for your child.

  • Enrol for ISF, Nord Anglia and WIS writing workshops directly through the school.

Special offers

  • Register before Dec 7 to receive the $300 off early registration discount
Day of the weekTimeAge GroupWorkshop
Monday4:00-5:308-10Tall Tales
5:30-6:304-6Storyland Advanced
Tuesday2:15-3:154-5 (Foundation Year)Intro to Creative Writing at ISF Academy*
3:30-4:306-8 (Gr. 1-2)Student Trumpet at ISF Academy*
4:15-5:458-10Tall Tales
5:00-6:007-12Etiquette & Leadership 1 with Ms Bernice Lee (Jan-Mar)
4:15-5:4511-13Diary of a Secret Agent
Wednesday2:15-3:154-5 (Foundation Year)Intro to Creative Writing at ISF Academy*
3:30-4:308-10 (Gr. 3-5)Student Trumpet at ISF Academy*
4:30-6:0011-13 (Gr. 6-8)Diary of a Secret Agent at ISF Academy*
3:00-4:158-11 (Year 4-6)Tall Tales at Kowloon Junior
4:15-5:4513+Independent Writing Workshop
5:30-6:308-10Student Trumpet
Thursday2:15-3:154-5 (Foundation Year)Intro to Creative Writing at ISF Academy*
3:00-3:557-9 (Gr. 2-4)Student Trumpet at Nord Anglia*
3:30-4:306-8 (Gr. 1-2)Student Trumpet at ISF Academy*
3:20-4:3511-13 (Year 7-9)Diary of a Secret Agent at WIS*
5:00-6:3012-14Issues in Fiction
3:45-5:156-8Slices of Life
4:30-5:307-12Etiquette & Leadership 1 with Ms Bernice Lee (Jan-Mar)
5:30-6:307-12Etiquette & Leadership 1 with Ms Bernice Lee (Jan-Mar)
5:00-6:3010-12Chapter Chasers
5:15-6:4511-13Fiction Analysis Plus
Saturday9:00-10:004-6Storyland Advanced
9:00-10:006-8Student Trumpet
9:00-10:1510-12Chapter Chasers
10:15-11:458-10Tall Tales
10:15-11:4511-13Diary of a Secret Agent
10:00-11:306-8Slices of Life
2:00-3:004-6Storyland Foundation
2:00-3:3011-13Fiction Analysis Plus
2:15-3:456-8Slices of Life
3:30-5:0012-14Issues in Fiction
3:45-5:158-10Tall Tales

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About Our Students

Our young authors range in age from 6 to 17 and attend both local and international schools in Hong Kong. They herald from diverse backgrounds, but share with us a passion for storytelling and the belief that everyone has something worthwhile to say. ECP has worked with students from a wide variety of schools including Canadian International, German Swiss, Kennedy, Diocesan Girls’ Junior School, St. Paul’s Co-Ed, West Island, Braemar Hill, Diocesan Boys’ School, Singapore International, French International, HKIS, Glenealy and Renaissance College.

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