Refer to the schedules below for our group classes at the ECP centre in Central and at our school partners. Private, semi-private and closed group classes can also be arranged. Contact us for more details.

Spring 2019: Jan to June

Day of the WeekTimeAge GroupWorkshop
Monday4:00-5:308-10Tall Tales
5:30-6:304-6Storyland Advanced
Tuesday2:15-3:154-5 (Foundation Year)Intro to Creative Writing at ISF Academy*
3:30-4:306-8 (Gr. 1-2)The Trumpet Magazine at ISF Academy*
4:15-5:458-10Tall Tales
4:15-5:4511-13Diary of a Secret Agent
Wednesday2:15-3:154-5 (Foundation Year)Intro to Creative Writing at ISF Academy*
3:30-4:308-10 (Gr. 3-5)The Trumpet Magazine at ISF Academy*
4:30-6:0011-13 (Gr. 6-8)Diary of a Secret Agent at ISF Academy*
3:00-4:158-11 (Year 4-6)Tall Tales at Kowloon Junior
4:15-5:4513+Independent Writing Workshop
5:30-6:308-10The Trumpet Magazine
Thursday2:15-3:154-5 (Foundation Year)Intro to Creative Writing at ISF Academy*
3:00-3:557-9 (Gr. 2-4)The Trumpet Magazine at Nord Anglia*
3:30-4:306-8 (Gr. 1-2)The Trumpet Magazine at ISF Academy*
3:20-4:3511-13 (Year 7-9)Diary of a Secret Agent at WIS*
5:00-6:3012-14Issues in Fiction
Friday4:15-5:154-6Storyland Advanced
3:45-5:156-8Slices of Life
5:00-6:3010-12Chapter Chasers
5:15-6:4511-13Fiction Analysis Plus
Saturday9:00-10:004-6Storyland Advanced
9:00-10:006-8Student Trumpet
9:00-10:1510-12Chapter Chasers
10:15-11:458-10Tall Tales
10:00-11:306-8Slices of Life
11:45-1:1511-13Diary of a Secret Agent
2:00-3:004-6Storyland Foundation
2:00-3:3011-13Fiction Analysis Plus
2:15-3:456-8Slices of Life
3:30-5:0012-14Issues in Fiction
3:45-5:158-10Tall Tales

Easter 2019

WeekTimeAge GroupWorkshopFee
Apr 15-189:15-11:15Ages 6-8The Other Dumptys$2,500
9:15-11:15Ages 8-10The Real Easter Island$2,500
11:15-12:15Ages 4-6Easter Storyland$1,280
11:15-1:15Ages 10-13The Rabbit Realm$2,500
2:30-4:30Ages 6-8The Other Dumptys$2,500
2:30-4:30Ages 8-10The Real Easter Island$2,500
Apr 23-269:30-11:30Ages 6-8The Other Dumptys$2,500
9:30-11:30Ages 8-10The Real Easter Island$2,500
9:30-11:30Ages 10-13The Rabbit Realm$2,500
10:00-11:00Ages 4-6Easter Storyland$1,280

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