Summer Writing Workshops!

Summer 2017

Summer Writing Workshops: June 19-Aug 25

The ECP 2017 Summer Programme will run for 10 weeks, from June 19-Aug 25. We are offering 5-day summer writing workshops for students ages 4-16, as well as some 1-day special workshops that can be joined in a series or individually.

Highlights of the summer include:

  • Storyland reading and creative writing workshops for ages 4-6
  • Creative writing and publishing workshops for ages 6-12
  • Spelling workshop for ages 6-9 with a new way of understanding how English spelling works
  • Writing+Art workshops for ages 6-8
  • Writing+Game workshops for ages 6-11, in collaboration with Press Start Hong Kong
  • Informational writing workshop for ages 8-11
  • Analysis and essay writing workshops for ages 10-14
  • FREE Camp NaNoWriMo workshops and writing sessions for ages 13+


We are also collaborating with Baumhaus for more Story & Drama Workshops for ages 4-6 at both their Wan Chai (24th July) and Harbour City (21st July) locations. Sign up through Baumhaus.

Early registration discount: 10% off for enrolments on or before May 15! (not applicable to Story & Drama workshop)

Multiple workshops discount: Enrol for more than one workshop this summer and enjoy 10% off the 2nd workshop (and thereafter).  This offer does not apply to the Writing+Art, Deep Sea Adventure, King of Hong Kong, Author Study or Story & Drama workshops, and cannot be combined with the early registration discount.

Refer-a-friend discount: $200 off for the referring parent when a new family joins an ECP workshop.

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Books By Kids

10th Anniversary Book Bundle

  • Author Ages:6-10, 11+
  • ISBN:Various
  • Published:Various
  • Price:HK$300
  • Charity Beneficiary:Various

Taming of the Zoo

  • Author Ages:8-10
  • ISBN:978-988-77188-5-7
  • Published:June 2017
  • Price:HK$75
  • Charity Beneficiary:Hong Kong Dog Rescue

When in Monsterland

  • Author Ages:6-8
  • ISBN:978-988-771-8864
  • Published:June 2017
  • Price:HK$75
  • Charity Beneficiary:Bring Me A Book Hong Kong

Take A Stand

  • Author Ages:10-12
  • ISBN:978-988-771-8871
  • Published:June 2017
  • Price:HK$70
  • Charity Beneficiary:WWF-Hong Kong

What It Takes

  • Author Ages:10-12
  • ISBN:978-988-77188-1-9
  • Published:December 2016
  • Price:HK$80.00
  • Charity Beneficiary:InspiringHK Sports Foundation

Ice Cream Incoming!

  • Author Ages:8-10
  • ISBN:978-988-77188-3-3
  • Published:December 2016
  • Price:HK$75.00
  • Charity Beneficiary:Foodlink Foundation

If Only

  • Author Ages:6-8
  • ISBN:978-988-77188-2-6
  • Published:December 2016
  • Price:HK$75.00
  • Charity Beneficiary:Make-A-Wish Hong Kong