Tales of Hooves and Paws

Tales of Hooves and Paws

  • Author Ages: 7
  • ISBN: 978-988-18964-6-9
  • Published: June 2010
  • Price: HK$120
  • Charity Beneficiary: Room to Read

Think life as an animal is easy? Think again. Your pesky brother takes your iPaws and eats your lunch. (Bully!) A polar bear fiddles with your favourite book. (Another bully!) Your little sister hops on your back and doesn’t... Read More

Your Quest for Adventure Planet Earth and Beyond

Your Quest for Adventure: Planet Earth and Beyond

  • Author Ages: 10-12
  • ISBN: 978-988-18164-4-5
  • Published: January 2010
  • Price: HK$120
  • Charity Beneficiary: Room to Read

On Earth and beyond… Scale the highest peak in the solar system. Save the world from destruction. Struggle to survive in the icy Antarctic or on a remote island. Venture through a mysterious portal, out into space or deep... Read More



  • Author Ages: 10-13
  • ISBN: 978-988-18112-0-2
  • Published: January 2010
  • Price: HK$80
  • Charity Beneficiary: Room to Read

Lost… in dense forest, on deserted islands, and in the scalding hot desert. In this collection of stories by young writers, five individuals must face the perils of the wild when they are stranded in unfamiliar terrain. Vicious storms... Read More



  • Author Ages: 10-11
  • ISBN: 978-988-18112-9-5
  • Published: January 2010
  • Price: HK$90
  • Charity Beneficiary: Room to Read

Disaster can strike at any moment. The true test of character is how you deal with it. Written by young writers, this is an entertaining, meaningful collection of stories about people who have survived through thick and thin. From... Read More


Your Quest for Adventure: Uncovering New Terrain

  • Author Ages: 12-15
  • ISBN: 978-988-18164-1-4
  • Published: January 2010
  • Price: HK$90
  • Charity Beneficiary: Room to Read

Come, enter this world where the choices you make incur a loss or a gain, Come, walk through this maze where each page uncovers new terrain! This book invites you to trek through the Amazon, tread through the deep... Read More

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Books for Charity

All ECP books are written by students in Hong Kong with net proceeds donated to our charity partners to support the valuable work that they do in Hong Kong and worldwide.

Charity partners include Room to Read, Make-A-Wish Hong Kong, Hong Kong Dog Rescue, The Hong Kong Red Cross, Foodlink Foundation, and Vision First.

About Our Authors

Young people often struggle to be heard, but Elephant Community Press offers opportunities for students to share their ideas with friends, family and the community at large. By publishing the work of young authors, ECP aims to demonstrate that there is an audience for well-crafted and thoughtful writing, no matter how old the writers are.

Our young authors range in age from 6 to 17 and attend both local and international schools in Hong Kong. They herald from diverse backgrounds, but share with us a passion for storytelling and the belief that everyone has something worthwhile to say.

ECP has worked with students from a wide variety of schools including Canadian International, German Swiss, Kennedy, Diocesan Girls’ Junior School, St. Paul’s Co-Ed, West Island, Braemar Hill, Diocesan Boys’ School, Singapore International, French International, HKIS, Glenealy and Renaissance College.

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