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Make-Your-Own Munsch Stories

Robert Munsch is a masterful storyteller who makes up and refines his picture book stories by telling them over and over...

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“The Missing Millionaire” by John Hu, age 13

Dialogue is essential to establishing your characters’ personalities and their relationship with one another. Here, 13-year-old John Hu portrays...

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Halloween Writing Competition: Most Descriptive

Arianne K, age 9, has been awarded the Most Descriptive prize for her entry in the ECP Halloween Open writing...

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Halloween Writing Competition: Best Use of Suspense & Atmosphere

11-year-old Daniel Ciesla has been awarded the prize for Best Use of Suspense & Atmosphere in the short story...

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Halloween Writing Competition: Poetry Prize

Congratulations to 10-year-old Katrina Chan who has been awarded the Poetry Prize in the ECP Halloween Open Writing Competition!  ...

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“The Super Incredible Smoke Seer” by K.C. Lam, age 10

You can make your main character sound more heroic by starting your story with some made-up facts about them....

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“Now That I Have You In My Power…” by Victoria Yong, age 6

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or shy, anyone can write a funny poem if they try. Here’s an...

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Writers’ Crossing

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