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“Muck and Perspiration by Samuel Luk, age 12

When we dream we go to a different world. Putting a dream in your story is a great way...

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“G.R.R.” by Pearl Ng, age 9

The more unusual your main character is, the more fascinating the story that you write about him or her...

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“Tropics of Antarctica” by Ella Fidler, age 13

Vivid place descriptions can help convey the narrator’s emotions. How do you think Emma is feeling in this scene?...

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Book Review: Coraline

Review Ages 10 to 15 I was ten years old when I first read Coraline, and I can still...

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“Fast Legs” by Caroline Zheng, age 9

You can turn anyone into a legend by using dramatic metaphors. And you can make any scene feel real...

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“Now That I Have You In My Power…” by Victoria Yong, age 6

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or shy, anyone can write a funny poem if they try. Here’s an...

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“Hanging in the Balance” by Amy Tao, age 12

What’s one good way to start a story? By setting up a dangerous situation in an exotic location!  ...

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