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Make-Your-Own Munsch Stories

Robert Munsch is a masterful storyteller who makes up and refines his picture book stories by telling them over and over...

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“The Missing Millionaire” by John Hu, age 13

Dialogue is essential to establishing your characters’ personalities and their relationship with one another. Here, 13-year-old John Hu portrays...

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“Lord of the Plants” by Alvin Wong, age 11

It’s fun to create a character with a super-power. The more unusual the power, the more it stands out...

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“Reverse Evil” by Yoyo Pun, age 13

Using your pen as a brush, you can paint an endless assortment of places, people, and even monsters. 13-year-old...

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“Biosphere 3″ by Lily Lee, age 13

Things are never what they seem. Even the brightest paradise can hold a dark secret. Here’s an excerpt from...

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“Muck and Perspiration” by Samuel Luk, age 12

Sometimes the most terrifying and dangerous things in the world are natural events. Here, Samuel Luk describes a shipwreck...

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“The Misfortunes of Tiger”, by Kelly Shu, age 11

Fables are stories that teach lessons and whose characters are often animals. Here is a fable based on the...

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