Cool Reading and Writing Websites

While researching for a class or event, we often stumble upon some great sites to supplement learning. One of the...

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Reading and Writing Events: HK Public Library Summer Reading Month

Hong Kong does not have a ton of events for young writers, so you’ve got to take advantage of...

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Articles We Like

At ECP, we do as much reading as we do writing and teaching. We always want to stay on...

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Writing Competition: Kids4Kids Writing for a Cause

Here’s information on an upcoming writing contest. Kids4Kids Writing for a Cause You can enter through your school or...

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Writing Competition: 4-Panel Comic Drawing Contest

Get yourself out there! You’ve done all the activities, revised and revised, and now you’ve perfected that short story,...

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How to read… Shakespeare

The next time your teacher pulls out Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar, don’t groan in agony! Sure, Shakespeare...

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Write Bites: How to Write… a Haiku

Small but packs a punch Not spicy, might make you cry From the Japanese. That’s not me talking like...

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Writers’ Crossing

Brought to you by ECP, Writers' Crossing offers resources, inspiration and a community for young writers. Browse this blog for creative writing prompts, exercises, and examples of student writing to spark your imagination, develop your writing skills, and fuel your writing dreams.