“A Journey to New Horizons” by Luca T, age 11

This excerpt, from our 2013 book “Undiscovered”, is exciting for two reasons. First, because of the fantastic creature invented...

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“Erravis” by Mira A, age 13

Sometimes writing can be used to capture the essence of a peaceful moment. It can make the reader feel...

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Young Post Book Review Competition

SCMP Young Post is running a book review competition open to all secondary school students in Hong Kong with...

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“Tropics of Antarctica” by Ella Fidler, age 13

Vivid place descriptions can help convey the narrator’s emotions. How do you think Emma is feeling in this scene?...

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“Surprise Summer” by Tiffany Ng, age 10

You can make a place as ordinary as a hotel lobby seem extraordinary by describing it through the perspective...

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Book Review: My Side of the Mountain

Review Ages 10 to 15 Jean Craighead George’s famous novel My Side of the Mountain┬átells the story of Sam...

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From “Terremoto” by Anushka Malhotra, age 11

When you’re writing about a foreign country, it’s useful to include foreign words as well as physical descriptions. This...

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