Age 10-12

Easter 2018

Creative Writing and Publishing Workshops

Eggstein's Eggcellent Inventors

Eggstein's Inventors will be holding its annual conference to share the latest in eggcentric inventions that improve eggs' lives. Last year's winner, creator of The Bubbletux®, is sure to be watched by every egg in the carton. In this Easter creative writing and publishing workshop, students will tell the stories of these innovative eggventors, their trials and tribulations as they vie for the grand prize, and of course the inevitable wheeling and dealing with big businesses  searching for their next million-dollar idea.

Spring 2018

Reading-based writing workshops

Chapter Chasers: Novel Study & Analysis

Curling up with a good book can be pure enjoyment in itself, but fully understanding and interpreting a story means more than just racing to the finish. In this workshop, students will do close readings of one or more selected texts and discuss key elements together, with particular focus on analysing characters, relating to themes, and identifying writing techniques used by the authors. Students will do both creative and essay writing, as well as learn new vocabulary and practise using it!

Essay Writing Workshops

Issues in Fiction (Ages 12-14)

While fictional texts are often written to engage and entertain readers, many also raise important questions and issues facing our society today. Reading fiction then offers an opportunity to begin discussions with students about important issues and relate the stories to what they know or can learn about in the real world. In this workshop, students will  read and discuss excerpts from works of fiction as a springboard to explore various contemporary issues. As they discuss and analyse, they will learn how to write about these issues, explaining what they know, asking questions they'd like answered, and sharing experiences and opinions of their own. During the summer, different texts will be studied each week, so students can sign up for multiple weeks without repeating material.

Fiction Analysis Plus (Ages 11-13)

Learning to read fiction texts carefully is an important skill as students read more complex texts across all subjects. In this introduction to textual analysis, students learn to identify a writer’s purpose and tone and analysing the techniques and strategies that a writer employs to achieve his or her purpose. In this "Intro to Fiction Analysis Plus " workshop, students will consider these techniques as both readers and writers. They will explain their analysis in structured paragraphs responses and essays and try their hand at applying some of these techniques and strategies to writing pieces of their own.     

Skill-Building Workshops

Skill-building workshops: May-June

The skill-building writing workshops for all ages from May to June will offer students an opportunity to keep up with their regular writing practice and focus in on specific skills. This year's focus will be on point of view and perspective, with students writing a variety of pieces to explore and practise this skill, while also independently applying the brainstorming, planning and drafting strategies that they’ve learned and practised in our creative writing and publishing workshops.

Creative Writing and Publishing Workshops

Last of the Great (Ages 10-13)

Fantasy stories from Lord of the Rings to The Chronicles of Narnia have captured readers’ imaginations for years, and people have long had a fascination with finding and observing amazing creatures in the wild. In this creative writing and publishing workshop, students will create characters who embark on a journey to a faraway place, in search of the last of a great and remarkable species. Will they fulfill their dreams and what might they encounter along the way?

Book published from this workshop

The Trumpet: Creative Magazine Publishing

Students in these creative writing and magazine publishing workshops will be key contributors to ECP’s magazine, The Trumpet! Over the term, students will focus on four particular writing skills and write different text types, such as stories, newspaper articles and poems. They will revise and edit all of their pieces, but select their two favourites for publication in the magazine, which will be available in print and online. (For ages 6-11)

Summer 2018

Research, Writing & Publishing Workshops

Travel Writing: Destinations Lesser Known

Burkina Faso, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and St. Kitts and Nevis: can you point to any of these countries on a map? In this workshop, students will research a lesser-known country, learning about its population, customs and local attractions. After gathering their research, they will create a travel article, promoting the country that they have learned about. Travel-lovers unite as we make Djibouti the ‘Must Visit’ destination of 2014!

Special Workshop: Writing & Drama

What's He Building in There?

A picturesque neighbourhood: white picket fences, pies cooling on window sills, children scribbling in chalk on the sidewalk. All is idyllic. Except for one house. The neighbours whisper and gossip about it; the children dare each other to see who can get the closest before running back in fear. The question on everybody’s lips is, “What’s he building in there?” Inspired by Tom Waits’ song of the same name, students in this creative writing and performance poetry workshop will develop writing as well as drama and public speaking skills as they speculate about a mystery house, create their own spoken word pieces, and then practise and record them.

Special Workshop: Board Game + Writing

Play & Write: Demigods & Dungeons (Ages 8-11)

Percy, Annabeth and Grover aren't the only demigods around--and they're certainly not the only ones to go on epic adventures. In our latest creative writing and board game workshop in collaboration with Press Start Hong Kong, students will again write to play and play to write. This time, they'll be creating their own demigod heroes to battle the monsters in our custom-designed version of the board game, "Welcome to the Dungeon". Based on the events of the game, they will write profiles of the heroes, warnings to newcomers and of course epic stories to be included in the dungeon's official records, Chronicles of the Dungeon...

Essay Writing Workshops

Intro to Analysis: Pop Songs (Ages 11+)

Learning to read texts carefully is an important skill as students read more complex texts across all subjects. In this workshop, students will be introduced to textual analysis—through pop songs! They will analyse the lyrics of some popular songs, looking at the structure and literary techniques that the songwriters employ to express their feelings and ideas. As they listen, read and analyse, they will also learn to write clear and well-organised essays explaining how the songwriter's choices as a writer make their lyrics compelling. 

Skill-Building Workshops

From Plate to Paper (Ages 9-11)

Food lovers unite! Meal times aren’t just about filling your bellies (although that is half the fun); they are about getting together with loved ones, sharing stories, and creating memories. In this food writing workshop, students will discuss their favourite (and not-so-favourite) dishes and face the challenge of making their writing as discerning as their palates! They will recount the stories behind their most heart-warming meals, try their hand at being food critics, and consider what it takes to create mouth-watering menus, among others. Pens at the ready and bon appetit!

Fan Fiction (Ages 11+)

Can’t get enough of Hogwarts or Diagon Alley? Don’t think Katniss made the right decision in The Hunger Games? In this summer fan fiction writing workshop, students get a chance to make their favourite characters do things their way or write a new story in the same fictional world! They can alter plots, reincarnate characters and do plenty more. There’s only one rule: it needs to be convincing. Note: Students must bring at least one book from their chosen series to refer to during class.

Creative Writing and Publishing Workshops

Eat at Your Own Risk!

How would the world look if you were a mouse? Imagine a child the size of a hamster getting through rush hour on the MTR! When a baking experiment goes wrong at a neighbourhood bakery, a batch of hungry young customers will shrink and live to tell about it. Listen to these characters describe what it feels like to grow small as they problem solve from a new perspective and try to find their way back to big.

Independent Writing or Self-Publishing Project

We have had the pleasure of working with a number of dedicated young authors on their independent writing projects and even supporting some to self-publish their books with Green Elephant Books. These writers work one-on-one with an ECP teacher who serves as their first reader and editor to guide them through the process of revising and editing their manuscripts. While the focus may be on refining and completing a particular project, the primary objective is to support aspiring authors to develop the skills, perspective and mindset for a lifelong writing journey.    

Summer 2018 Workshops

Spring 2018 Workshops

Books By Kids


  • Our daughter has enjoyed reading and writing very much since early childhood. She’s always dreamed of becoming an author having her own book to share with family, relatives and friends. I’ve seen an obvious improvement in her work in the last few months. My wife and I thank you so much for your fruitful advice during and after the workshop.- Parent
  • Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity to my children and many other children in Hong Kong. I really appreciate your efforts.
  • I cannot wait to read our book! Thanks for your time to teach and help me. I really learned lots from you! - Student, aged 12
  • My favorite thing about the workshop was exactly the whole thing!- Rohaan, aged 8
  • I think my son has improved a lot since he started the writing class. He now finds it easier to put his ideas into writing. Thanks very much. I am sure with your help, his writing technique will improve as well.
  • I LOVE this writing class. It’s my favourite thing to do each week!!!- Ella, aged 9
  • Thanks very much once again for the wonderful program you have conducted in the school. The kids have enjoyed it thoroughly and of course learnt a lot. I can clearly see that my daughter has benefited from all the guidance and encouragement you have provided. There was a lot of personal attention given to each child, which is truly mazing given that these were group sessions.- Deepika Deshpande, Parent
  • My daughter really enjoyed the class and said that you gave her lots of useful tips! Thank you.
  • Thanks for the writing report and your effort to make a "boring" writing class interesting. Your encouraging feedback will definitely energize my daughter to go further.
  • Elephant Community Press is an amazing organization with innovative ideas for encouraging young writers. Having her work published helped build my child’s sense of self-worth and having the proceeds of the books go to charity taught her about how her work can make a difference. My daughter has built her self-confidence and deepened her love for writing. This is hands down her favorite extracurricular activity — and as a side note, it has helped her enormously in school too!- Rosa Joshi, Parent
  • My child has definitely flourished in her writing skills. She loves coming here and always feels that she has accomplished a lot by the end of every class. Thanks for your guidance!
  • I liked making the school magazine because it’s a great honour and I was very proud when I received it. Also, others could have a copy of the magazine too! I think the magazine is a good chance for us to show our writing and it’s a keepsake for us.- Karen, aged 11
  • As always, Elephant Community Press offers interesting programs for kids of different learning ages. We surely keep that in mind when we re-organize our time table.
  • We always put Elephant Community Press in our top priority in every long holiday. Baron loves your writing class very much.- Mandy Lam, Parent
  • My son asked if he can come back again! It is good to see that my son loves writing and I am happy to see that he has started to write more!
  • Thanks for sending us the report. I can see my son has built up his interest in writing. He even writes small stories on his little iPod when we travel!
  • This Fall, my daughter would like to sharpen her writing skills. I think ECP has inspired her to write better. Thanks for all of your effort.
  • During the last couple years, Jocelyn gained a lot from your teaching and guidance and we can see improvement in her overall English presentation and writing. She will be moving to an undergraduate programme in the UK in Sept, which is a new milestone in her life. I have to express my sincere thanks to you.
    - Susan Siu, Parent
  • Thank you for your email and detailed feedback. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the class and has benefited a great deal. I would like to thank you especially for the report which shared in depth both her achievements and nature.
  • My daughter has enjoyed reading and writing very much since early childhood. She's always dreamed of becoming an author and having her own book to share with family, relatives and friends. She has made an obvious improvement in organising her work in the last few months. My wife and I thank you so much for your fruitful advice during and after the workshop.
  • My son used to hate English writing but he enjoys your class very much. I am so grateful for the motivation you have given him.
  • Thanks for your patience and professional coaching. My daughter loves it so much!