Halloween Writing Competition: Most Descriptive

Arianne K

Arianne K, age 9, has been awarded the Most Descriptive prize for her entry in the ECP Halloween Open writing Competition. Congratulations, Arianne!

I am a Shadow

By Arianne K

Nearby, there is a towering, neglected mansion where everyone says that a grief-stricken, grisly ghost lives.  Occasionally, a high-pitched keening can be heard.  If you are unlucky enough to see the shadow of a weeping man, then you would be the next to perish, so the stories say.

My friend Sierra had dared me to enter the creepy haunted house.  However, I wanted to visit because the house seemed mysteriously inviting and the windows seemed to whisper, “Come. Don’t be afraid.”

As I pushed the hefty, heavy door open, I heard a groaning creak echo through the gloomy house.   As I entered, Sierra scuttled to her car and sped off.  I shook my head unbelievingly and suddenly saw a misty shape take form and then disappear.   My heart was beating so fast that it could blast off like a rocket.

I mumbled, “Hello? ”  The hallway door squeaked open like polished patent leather shoes brushing a marble floor.

I tiptoed further in and saw a transparent coffin with a bloody male inside. Fear gripped me.  My lips trembled.  I wondered if he would jump out and kill me.  Icy sweat trickled down my back.  I needed to scream but no sound came out.  I thought that I would explode!

Then, the ghost abruptly appeared again and started weeping in this weird language,  “Guleboo….”  A bloodcurdling scream erupted from my mouth and I scrambled all the way home.

When I got to my room, I felt odd.  I heard the shadow man moaning “Finis” over and over again.  I lifted my arm and my hand disappeared.  My arm was becoming transparent.  I could feel my body parts drifting away.  My vision blurred and the last thing I saw was the shadow man in his youth farming the lands around the mansion.

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