“The Missing Millionaire” by John Hu, age 13

on the case

Dialogue is essential to establishing your characters’ personalities and their relationship with one another. Here, 13-year-old John Hu portrays a lively, playful relationship between two friends. John’s story was published in our 2015 book “On the Case”.

“I’d better go back to my place. I’ve got chores I need to do!” she exclaimed as she patted Quentin on his back.
“Bye!” Quentin said as he went back to his room. He touched his back, as he always did after Jessica patted it, and found a piece of paper with “Kick me!” written on it. He threw it away almost immediately.

At 7:30 in the morning, Quentin was waiting outside their building as he saw Jessica come running out with a piece of toast in her mouth. Her voice sounded muffled, “Well, Mr. Jones, thank you for choosing such an early time.”
Quentin gave her a playful wink, “Want to race? Definitely going to beat you this time.”
“Just you wait and see!” she said.

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