“Reverse Evil” by Yoyo Pun, age 13

depths of danger

Using your pen as a brush, you can paint an endless assortment of places, people, and even monsters. 13-year-old Yoyo Pun uses language brings this dusty ghost-town to life in his “Reverse Evil”, published in our 2011 choose-your-own-adventure book, “The Depths of Danger”.

Sand draws together and conjures up a ghost town in the shape of an old cowboy ranch. You can see the wooden houses, the city centre, and dust balls in a wide-open space. Piano music plays, yet the place seems deserted.
‘What is making the music?’ you ask yourself. Soon, on the other side, you see indistinct shapes in the distance that look like wild horses, yet also human beings. These beings draw closer, and their faces are still blurred, like some-thing blanked out their faces. They have no features. Faceless. When they come close enough to touch you, the sand takes them, and as they disappear, so does the town. Everything gets swallowed into the sand…

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