“The Quest For Fluffiness” by Samantha Yau, age 11


Never underestimate the importance of a good title. The title is the first thing a potential reader sees when he or she picks up your story, and it often determines whether they he or she decide to read it or not. Here’s an excerpt from the wonderfully titled story “The Quest for Fluffiness” by Samantha Yau, published in our 2013 book “Undiscovered”.

The white snow was pelting the ground with much more force. The whistling sound was unbearable to their ears.
Then, the fog soon cleared out, and the red sun stood out in the yellow and orange sky. They walked slower to enjoy the scenery. But then it started snowing again, and the snow pounded onto the ground. It was getting colder and colder with every inch.
Some grey rocks stood out on some clear grass without snow. Bobby spat at the ground and his spit turned into an icicle with a blink of an eye.

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