“Mind Trap” by Michael Kang, age 13

depths of danger

There is nothing more exciting than a high-stakes battle between a hero and a terrifying mythical creature. And if you use second-person narration, the reader feels as though they are the hero and becomes invested in the story. Things get even more interesting if the hero has a magical weapon! Here’s an excerpt from “Mind Trap” by Michael Kang, published in our 2011 book “The Depths of Danger”.

You rush back to where the woman is lying. You kneel down, and she looks at you through squinted eyes.
“Take my sword,” she whispers. “It is the only way to defeat it.” She hands you the sword from her scabbard before closing her eyes.
Holding a sword in each hand, you charge at the golem. You rush into the shallow water and start slashing away at its legs. You manage to cut off its rock legs, but, to your dismay, they just grow back. The golem suddenly moves out of its stationary position and uses its newly grown legs to kick you, but, using two swords, you manage to keep in position and block the kick. You push it back, and it trips backwards, falling into the water. A giant wave rises from the lake, covering you in water.
Suddenly, both of your swords start glowing bright crimson. Instantly, you develop an idea and jump onto the golem‘s body. You stand on the head of the golem, driving the two swords through its head. The light from your sword pours into the golem‘s body, and then it explodes, as though dynamite had been attached.

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