“Hanging in the Balance” by Amy Tao, age 12

against all odds

Sometimes danger can come from the most unexpected places, like a bolt from the blue. In this excerpt from our 2012 publication “Against All Odds”, a hungry creature comes knocking.

She was looking at the brilliant blue sky, relaxing, when the anaconda attacked. Possibly lulled by the smell of salted fish, the anaconda had slithered out of its den by the water. It was hungry, and it was going to hunt for food. It weaved its way through the undergrowth towards Kaitlyn sitting on the ground.

The forked tongue danced about, tasting the air. It was headed towards her. The snake ambushed Kaitlyn and then suddenly lunged. Kaitlyn screamed and tried to jump away. Right in front of her was her worst nightmare.

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