“A Journey to New Horizons” by Luca T, age 11


This excerpt, from our 2013 book “Undiscovered”, is exciting for two reasons. First, because of the fantastic creature invented by the author, and second, because of the author’s sense of humor. Creativity and hilarity are elements of every fun-to-read story.

“It’s called an Anguenoliscus!” stated Serenah. “I saw pictures of it in Ardah’s diary.”

The creature had a body like that of a snake, long and glistening with scales. On what he presumed to be its head, it had a large eye, facing upwards, with two eyelids that met in the middle when it blinked, and a large hole that Mark guessed constituted a mouth, with a flap of skin covering it. On its other end, there were two nostrils.

“You can’t possibly expect us to eat that!” he exclaimed.

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