“Frostbitten” by Rachel T, age 13

Your Quest for Adventure Depths of Danger

There have been so many stories about haunted houses that they have almost become cliche. If you want to write a story involving a haunted house, you need to make sure that your description is unique and vivid. Here Rachel allows the reader to see her haunted house as clear as day, and adds mystery to pique the reader’s interest with the line, “Why is it so familiar?”

The following is an excerpt from “Frostbitten” in the 2011 book, The Depths of Danger.

A black iron fence stretches along the house. All the grass has turned brown, and tangles of ivy curl through the fence and onto the pavement. The house has grey slates on the lopsided roof and is built with dark stone that has been stained darker in places where rain has dripped down from the broken gutters. Why is it so familiar?

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