“Red Fur, White Fox” by Ryan Tang, age 11

arctic adaptation

Sometimes writing can be used to convey a powerful message. Here, Ryan Tang writes about climate change from the point of view of a fox named Peanut. This story was published in our 2014 book, “Operation Arctic Adaptation.”

          When he got on, surprise struck him. There was no one else on the train. All the seats were empty. Peanut saw brown rusty paint covering the inside of the Iceland Arctic Express. As the train started up, smoke rose from under his seat and filled the cabin with a smoky smell. Rusty gears clonked as the train trudged across the snowy tundra. The cabin was also filled with hot, sticky humid air. He felt like he was going to die. The humidity stung his dry throat, but Peanut had no choice. He had to save his species.
Two days later, Peanut arrived in Iceland. Once he got off the train, a wall of heat punched him in the face. Dust and sand both stung his eyes. He first saw that the ground had no snow, just dirt and gravel. Secondly, he saw an arctic fox lying on a small piece of ice panting for breath. After that, he saw another arctic fox was trying to cool herself down by licking herself. Immediately, Peanut regretted coming.

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