“G.R.R.” by Pearl Ng, age 9

supernatural summer

The more unusual your main character is, the more fascinating the story that you write about him or her will be. Here’s an example of a particularly extraordinary character named G.R.R.!

G.R.R. stood for Growler, Roger and Ring, but the police called him G.R.R. G.R.R. was a three-headed Cerberus, a fierce jet-black dog with bright yellow eyes, an everlasting snarling facial expression and blindingly white sharp teeth. They were like brothers, with three brains and one body, whose heads constantly disagreed with each other. G.R.R. was a full time police dog and a descendent of the fearsome Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guarded the Underworld.

From “Supernatural Summer”, published 2013

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