“Fast Legs” by Caroline Zheng, age 9

tall tales

You can turn anyone into a legend by using dramatic metaphors. And you can make any scene feel real and vivid by describing sensory details.

                They say Alex is as fast as wind. They say Alex disappears as soon as you see her. They say that when she runs, there is a typhoon on the way. They say she howls all night…
                Every day, Alex went to the sports ground to practice running. The sports ground was a circle of reddish brown dirt. The scent of damp, wet grass filled her nostrils every time she was there. She felt the wind blow into her face. “Pop, pop,” she heard. The popcorn man in the corner food shop had started popping the popcorn, and she could almost taste it.

From “Tall Tales Astonishing Acts”, published 2011

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