“Now That I Have You In My Power…” by Victoria Yong, age 6

poetry parade

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or shy, anyone can write a funny poem if they try. Here’s an excerpt from “Poetry Parade”, published in 2011.

Now That I Have You In My Power…

Well, come over here!
Let me hypnotize you!
This will be fun.
It’s the cool thing to do!
I admit that this may seem a bit creepy,
But see! You are feeling so sleepy.

And now that I have you in my power,
Do all my homework in half an hour.
Play all my favourite movies today,
And bonk your head every day.
Make me some doughnuts and don’t go out.
Clean the shelf, throw the trash out!
When it’s morning, please don’t shout.
Clean my camera and never pout.

Now, wake up and open your eyes.
Wasn’t it fun to be hypnotized?

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